Programming HomeLink®*1

Follow these instructions to program HomeLink®, reset all programming or reprogram individual buttons.


In certain vehicles the ignition must be switched on or in "accessory position" before HomeLink® can be programmed or used. If possible, fit new batteries in the remote control that shall be replaced by HomeLink® for faster programming and improved transmission of the radio signal. The HomeLink® buttons should be reset before programming.


While programming HomeLink®, the garage door or gate being programmed may activate. For this reason, make sure that nobody is in the vicinity of the door or gate while programming is in progress. The car should be outside the garage while a garage door opener is being programmed.

Aim the remote control towards the HomeLink® button to be programmed and hold it approx. 2-8 cm (approx. 1-3 inches) from the button. Do not obstruct the indicator lamp on HomeLink®.

Note: The ability of some remote controls to program HomeLink® is improved at a distance of approx. 15-20 cm (approx. 6-12 inches). Bear this in mind if problems occur with the programming.

Press and hold depressed both the button on the remote control and the button to be reprogrammed on HomeLink®.
Do not release the buttons until the indicator lamp has switched from flashing slowly (approx. once per second) to either flashing quickly (approx. 10 times per second) or illuminating with a constant glow.

If the indicator lamp illuminates with a constant glow: Indication that the programming has finished. Press the programmed button twice to activate.

If the indicator lamp flashes quickly: The device to be programmed to HomeLink® may have a security function that requires extra steps. Test by pressing the programmed button twice to see whether the programming is working. Otherwise, continue with the following steps.

P5-1507 HomeLink Learn button
Locate programming button2 on the receiver for the garage door or similar. It is normally located close to the antenna's bracket on the receiver.
Depress and release the receiver's programming button once. The programming must be completed within 30 seconds of the button being depressed.
Press and release the button on HomeLink® that you want to program. Repeat the sequence of pressing/holding/releasing a second time and, depending on the receiver model, even a third time.
Programming is now be complete and the garage door, gate or similar should now be activated when the programmed button is depressed.

In the event of programming problems, contact HomeLink® at, or call 00 8000 466 354 65 (or the toll number +49 6838 907 277)3.

Reprogramming individual buttons

To reprogram an individual HomeLink® button, proceed as follows:
Press the desired button and hold it depressed for approx. 20 seconds.

Once the indicator lamp on HomeLink® starts to flash slowly, programming can continue as normal.

Note: If the button to be reprogrammed is not programmed with a new unit, it will resume the previously saved programming.

Resetting the HomeLink® buttons

It is only possible to reset all of the HomeLink® buttons at the same time, not each button individually. Individual buttons can only be reprogrammed.

Press and hold depressed the outer buttons (1 and 3) on HomeLink® for approx. 10 seconds.
When the indicator lamp changes over from a constant glow to starting to flash, the buttons are reset and ready to be reprogrammed.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  3. 2 Button designation and colour varies between manufacturers.
  4. 3 Note that the toll-free number may not be available depending on operator.