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Symbols in the centre display's status bar

Overview of the symbols that can be shown in the centre display's status bar.

The status bar shows activities in progress and, in some cases, their status. Not all symbols are shown all the time due to the limited space in the status bar. Here are some examples.

P6-XC40BEV--iCup-Connected to internet symbolConnected to the Internet.
P6-XC40BEV--iCup-Roaming symbolRoaming activated.
P6-XC40BEV--iCup-Bluetooth symbolBluetooth device connected.
P6-XC40BEV--iCup-Information is being sent to from GPS symbolInformation sent to and from GPS.
P5–1507–Symbol in status bar–ClockClock.
iCup-2037-Wireless phone charging symbolWireless phone charging.

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