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Support battery

The car is equipped with a support battery that helps during the Start/Stop function's starting sequence.

The battery is either a 12 V battery or, if the car is the mild hybrid* type, a 48 V battery that also allows regenerative braking while driving.


P5-1507 Support battery location
The 12 V support battery is located in a box next to the strut tower.
P5-1917-XC60-48V battery
If the car is the mild hybrid type, it will have a 48 V support battery instead, located on the left of the cargo area. The 48 V support battery must only be handled by an authorised workshop.

Support battery maintenance

The support battery normally requires no more service than the normal starter battery. A workshop should be contacted in the event of questions or problems - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.


If the 12 V battery is replaced, make sure you replace it with a battery with the same size, cold starting capacity and type as the original battery. Volvo recommends that you use an authorised Volvo workshop for replacing the battery.


48 V voltage can be dangerous in the event of incorrect intervention. Do not touch anything on the batteries that is not clearly described in the owner's manual.

  • 48 V support battery must never be used for jump starting.
  • External electrical equipment must not, under any circumstances, be connected to the 48 V battery.
  • The 48 V battery may only be serviced and replaced by a workshop – an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Specifications for support battery

Battery typeAGM
Voltage (V)12
Cold start capacity1 - CCA2 (A)170
Size, L×B×H150×90×130 mm (5.9×3.5×5.1 inches)
Capacity (Ah)10

If the car is the mild hybrid* type, it will be equipped with a lithium-ion type 48 V battery instead.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 According to EN standard.
  3. 2 Cold Cranking Amperes.

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