Sensus Navigation (2016) map download

A navigation system that was introduced in 2015. The map is stored on an internal hard disk drive. Updates are made using a USB stick (64 GB) and the maps are downloaded for free from the Volvo Cars Support website.

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Africa & Middle East
Africa & Middle East

Africa & Middle East12 GB


Lebanon158 MB

North Western Africa

North Western Africa1 GB

South Central Africa

South Central Africa1 GB

Southern Africa

Southern Africa1 GB

Austria, Switzerland

Austria, Switzerland1010 MB


Baltic523 MB

Central Europe

Central Europe2 GB

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe1 GB


Finland830 MB


Kazakhstan893 MB

North West Europe

North West Europe2 GB


Scandinavia1 GB

South Eastern Europe

South Eastern Europe2 GB

Spain, Portugal

Spain, Portugal3 GB


Türkiye2 GB

Central East India

Central East India1 GB

Central West India

Central West India1 GB

East India

East India1 GB

Northern India

Northern India1 GB

South East India

South East India2 GB

South West India

South West India1 GB

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh1 GB

Western India

Western India2 GB


Israel990 MB

North America
North America

North America38 GB


California1 GB

Central America

Central America363 MB

Central Midwest

Central Midwest1 GB

East Canada

East Canada1 GB

Eastern Midwest

Eastern Midwest1 GB

Florida, Carribean

Florida, Carribean1 GB

Mexico Central

Mexico Central1 GB

Mexico North

Mexico North925 MB

Mexico South

Mexico South558 MB

Mid Pacific

Mid Pacific909 MB

Mid South Atlantic

Mid South Atlantic1 GB


Mid-Atlantic1 GB


Mountain1 GB

New England

New England1 GB

New York

New York929 MB

Upper South Atlantic

Upper South Atlantic1 GB

Upper South and Ohio

Upper South and Ohio1 GB

West Canada, Alaska

West Canada, Alaska1 GB

West North Central and Oklahoma

West North Central and Oklahoma2 GB

South America
South America

South America12 GB


Argentina965 MB

Brazil Centralwest-North

Brazil Centralwest-North1 GB

Brazil Northeast

Brazil Northeast1 GB

Brazil South, Uruguay

Brazil South, Uruguay1 GB

Brazil Southeast

Brazil Southeast2 GB

Chile, Paraguay

Chile, Paraguay549 MB

South Central America

South Central America1 GB

South East Asia
South East Asia

South East Asia13 GB

Indonesia, Philippines

Indonesia, Philippines3 GB

Malaysia, Singapore

Malaysia, Singapore1 GB

Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei

Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei3 GB


Türkiye3 GB