Manual charging cable release for non-responsive key (electric cars)

Updated 9/29/2022


When the door is open after being unlocked using the key blade, the alarm is triggered.
  1. Px-22w23-Latest info-Emeregency open door handle
    Pull out the front door handle on the left-hand side to its end position so that the lock cylinder becomes visible.
  2. Insert the key blade in the lock cylinder.
  3. Turn clockwise 45 degrees so that the key blade is pointing straight back.
  4. Turn the key blade back 45 degrees to its starting position. Remove the key blade from the lock cylinder and release the handle so that the rear section of the handle is resting against the car again.
  5. Open the door.
    Now the alarm is triggered, proceed with the next step to deactivate it.
  6. P6-22w23-Latest information-keybox
    Place the remote control key on the symbol in the storage compartment.
  7. Tap on Unlock cable on the centre display.
    Now you can unplug the charging cable. If you are not, please repeat the procedure from step 6 to step 7.
  8. To turn off the alarm, enter the car, press down the brake pedal and put the gear stick into Drive.

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