Frequently asked questions about Software updates

Updated 9/27/2022

How to get the latest software updates

The car is updated via software download in a Volvo authorized workshop.

Based on your service level agreement there might be a cost connected to it.

Customer hasn't received any new software to their car but others have - what's the reason?

Each vehicle has a unique configuration. Not all vehicles are updated at the same time with the same software packages.

How to know which software version is installed?

This function is not available.

How to know when a software version was made available (indicate software version number with a date/week)?

Information regarding software updates are found by selecting your car at:, select your market and find "Software Updates" page.

Where can the customer get information on upcoming updates: when are they scheduled and indicated of what is coming?

The content of these software upgrades is not decided until we have the final decision on the content. Therefore, it is impossible to know at an early stage what the content will be. When the software is released, you will find information on the content at:, select your market and find "Software Updates" page.

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