Wireless Phone Charger issues and solutions

Updated 7/12/2022

In this article you can read about the issues and the solutions of the wireless phone charger.

The phone does not charge:

  • The phone itself (all brands) turns off the charging if the phone gets too warm, usually around 40 degrees Celsius. If the sun is shining and the black charger plate gets hot when the car is parked, the heat will then quickly transfer to the phone and it may be overheated. If several apps are active at the same time when the phone is charging, it will get warm quicker. It may also slow down the charging time.
  • Some phone cases have a built-in metal or magnetic plate. In that case, the charging will not work. The general advice is to not use any phone case when wireless charging.
  • iPhone 12 and 13 users can have issues with using the Wireless Phone ChargerWPC, due to these phones having a unique wireless charging design, that has no QI certificate. A software update has been released to improve this issue, make sure that the latest software update is installed on the car.
  • The phone is fully charged and stops the charging.

The phone stops charging temporarily:

  • The phone may stop charging if it is moved (when braking or turning, etc.) but starts charging again within seconds. This is because the WPC has three coils that locate the phone. When the phone changes position, the location has to be found again.
  • The car checks the remote control key is in the car every 14 minutes, when this happens the charging is interrupted for 1 second.
  • When you open the door the charging stops for a few seconds to check the remote control key.
  • For C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge only, if you enter the car and hold your foot on the brake pedal while the gear selector is still in Park mode, the remote control key search is in progress, which shuts down the WPC until you switch to Drive mode.
  • If the hatch in front of the charging plate is open, the phone can slide forward and come to an intermediate position with no charging and no reminder that charging is off.

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