Frequently asked questions about the Volvo Cars app

Updated 7/12/2022

Pairing the Volvo Cars app with the car

After pairing, no information is shown in the mobile app

Restart the mobile app.

What to think about before uninstalling the app

Always unpair your car before deleting the Volvo Cars app from your mobile phone. In these articles you can find useful instructions:

Uninstalling the Volvo Cars app

Can I see the battery’s charging level in the app?

The charging level is displayed on the home view of the app and in the charging menu.

Can I schedule charging from the app?

The charging timer is currently available only for fully electric cars (BEV).

How can I send a destination from my mobile to the car?

If your car is equipped with Volvo's navigation system Sensus Navigation you can use the Volvo Cars app to send a destination, e.g. hotels, shops, cinemas and restaurants to the car to make the destination available in the navigation system. Search for a destination in the SuSi-21w22-VOC app icon position map textsymbol tab and select Send to car.

I can't see door status, battery status, or activate climate control in the mobile app

  • Restart the mobile app and make sure that the car is connected to the Internet.
  • If the car has been parked in an area with poor coverage then the app may only work properly within the Bluetooth range of the device.
  • Data sharing must be activated for Volvo On Call. Start by ensuring that the profile used is the administrator or Owner profile. Do this by clicking on the gear wheel icon and selecting Profiles. Then make sure that the Volvo ID is linked to the profile. Do this by clicking on the gear wheel icon and selecting Profiles>Accounts.

Add Volvo ID

Activating data sharing

I've just had my car updated with new software and can't see car status in the app

If your car has been updated with new software, you need to start/drive the car once in order to reactivate the connection to the mobile.

The first time the car is updated with software that supports the mobile app, you need to wait 24-36 hours before the synchronisation between the car and the cloud is finished.

The PIN code is not shown in the car's centre display during pairing

Press and hold the max. defroster button for 20-30 seconds.

What is device management?

Device management means that you can see a list of the phones paired to the car. A user who is administrator can also remove a paired phone.

What is the difference between administrator and non-administrator in the app?

The car's Owner profile must be paired with the app before pairing can take place for another profile.

The first user who pairs his/her phone with the car while all the keys are in the car will be the administrator.

A user that is administrator in the app can:

  • see which mobiles or other devices are paired with the car
  • remove own and other paired mobiles/devices from the car

A user that is not administrator in the app can:

  • see that own mobile/device is paired with the car
  • remove own mobile/device

How do I unpair a mobile or other device?

Always use the mobile app to unpair the connection between the mobile phone and the car.

When a mobile has been removed it will take several minutes for the status to be synchronised in the car's centre display.

When a user profile in the car is removed, it does not mean that the paired device is removed.

You can remove paired mobiles from the profile tab in the app. Note that iPhone users also need to go to settings in their iPhone and remove the mobile from there.

Must the car's owner be the first to pair the app with the car? Or can a guest user pair first?

The owner must pair first. All keys should be inside the car when a phone is linked to the Owner profile or other profile with administrator privileges.

The Owner profile was the only one in the car with administrator privileges and I no longer have access to the mobile that was paired with the Owner profile. How do I remove the mobile from the car?

Create a new profile and give the new profile administrator privileges. Then pair the new profile with the new mobile while all of the keys are inside the car. Now it is possible to see the old mobile in the app, and it can be removed.

Is it possible to pair more than one mobile device with the Owner profile?

Only one device can be paired with a car profile. All devices linked to a profile after one device has been linked to the Owner profile will be normal users. It is possible to change a normal user to administrator for a car profile.

A mobile device is already paired with a car profile that isn't administrator. If I give administrator privileges to the car's user profile, will the app's user profile also become administrator?

No. If you give administrator privileges to a car profile that already has a mobile paired, this doesn't mean that the mobile app's user profile will become administrator automatically. When the car profile is changed to administrator, the link to the mobile device must be removed. After that, the mobile device is paired again while all of the keys are in the car. Then the mobile app's user profile will become administrator.

Is Bluetooth required for pairing?

Yes, Bluetooth is required for pairing.

I can only use the remote functions in the mobile app when I am close to the car, why?

The mobile app, the car, or both have lost the connection to the cloud. If this occurs, only the remote functions within range of the mobile phone's Bluetooth will work.

I can't see battery status or climate functions in the app

Make sure that the active car profile has a Volvo ID linked to it. If not, login to the app with your Volvo ID.

I'm a guest user in the car and want to use the remote functions in the app, but I can't pair my mobile.

Make sure that Bluetooth is activated in your mobile. If there are other mobiles in the vicinity that are paired with the car then their Bluetooth must be deactivated.

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