Automatic gearbox

Updated 1/21/2020

Automatic gearbox

With an automatic gearbox, the system selects a gear so that you can drive as energy-efficiently as possible. The gearbox also has a manual gearshift mode.

The gearbox is available in different versions. The gearbox included in the car can be identified by the gear lever. The different gear levers have different functions.

P5-1507-gear shifter with gear shift modes

Overview of large gear lever and shift pattern in the driver display.

P5-1917-Automatic crystal gear shifter

Overview of small gear lever and shift pattern in the driver display.

The driver display shows the gear position selected:

P, R, N, D or M. For cars that have the small gear lever, the P position is electrical and the shift pattern is instead R, N, D or M.

During manual gear changing, the gear being used is also shown.


To prevent damage to any drive system components, the working temperature of the gearbox is checked. If there is a risk of overheating, a warning symbol illuminates in the driver display and a text message is shown - follow the recommendation given.

Symbols in the driver display

If a fault should occur in the gearbox, the driver display shows a symbol and a message.



P5-XC90H-1519-Information or error message fro gearbox

Information or error message for gearbox. Follow the recommendation given.

P5-1519-XC90 Hybrid-Dim soul symbol- transmission temperature

Hot or overheated gearbox. Follow the recommendation given.

P5-15w19-XC90H-Symbol-Reduced speed limit-warning

Reduced performance/Acceleration performance reduced

In the event of a temporary powertrain fault, the car can go into a Limp home mode with reduced engine power to prevent damage to the powertrain.

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