Winter driving

Winter tyres

Updated 1/21/2020

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are adapted for winter road conditions.

Volvo recommends winter tyres with particular dimensions. Tyre dimensions are dependent on engine variant. When driving on winter tyres, the correct type of tyres must be fitted to all four wheels.


Contact a Volvo dealer for advice about which wheel rim and type of tyre are most suitable.

Tips for changing to winter tyres

When summer and winter wheels are changed, mark which side of the car they were mounted on, for example L for left and R for right.

Studded tyres

Studded winter tyres should be run in gently for 500-1000 km (300-600 miles), so the studs settle properly into the tyres. This gives the tyre, and especially the studs, a longer service life.


The legal provisions for the use of studded tyres vary from country to country.

Tread depth

Road conditions with ice, slush and low temperatures place considerably higher demands on tyres than summer conditions. Volvo therefore recommends not to drive on winter tyres that have a tread depth of less than 4 mm (0.15 inches).

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