Pilot Assist

Selecting and activating Pilot Assist*

Updated 1/21/2020

Selecting and activating Pilot Assist*

This function can be either standard or optional, depending on market.

Pilot Assist must first be selected and then activated to be able to control speed and distance and to give steering assistance.

P5-1917-Activate and start Pilot Assist

In order to start the Pilot Assist it is required that:

  • The driver's seatbelt must be buckled and the driver's door must be closed.
  • There must be a vehicle (the "target vehicle") within reasonable distance in front of the car, or the current speed must be at least 15 km/h (9 mph).
  • For cars with manual gearbox. Speed must be at the lowest 30 km/h (20 mph).

Press (1) or (3) to scroll to the symbol for Pilot Assist (4).

The symbol is grey – Pilot Assist is in standby mode.

When Pilot Assist is selected – press the steering wheel button (2) to activate.

The symbol is white – Pilot Assist is started and the current speed is stored as maximum speed.

Reactivating Pilot Assist to last stored speed

When Pilot Assist is selected – press the steering wheel button to activate.

The cruise control markings and symbols in the driver display change colour from GREY to WHITE — the car will now follow the most recently stored speed again.


A significant increase in speed may follow when the speed is resumed with the steering wheel button.


Note that Pilot Assist only works when the driver has hands on the steering wheel.

Additional indicators in the driver display

P5-1646 - Pilot Assist symbol, Distance + steering assistance

Pilot Assist only regulates the time interval to the vehicle ahead when the distance symbol shows a vehicle (1) above the steering wheel symbol.

Pilot Assist steering assistance is only active when the steering wheel symbol (2) has changed from GREY to GREEN.

P5-1507-Adapative Cruise Control, higher speed stored/selected

At the same time a speed range is marked.

The higher speed is the stored speed, and the lower speed is that of the vehicle ahead (target vehicle).

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