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During towing, the car is towed by another vehicle by means of a towline.

Braking on gritted roads

When driving on salted roads, a layer of salt may form on the brake discs and brake linings.

Braking on wet roads

When driving for a prolonged period of time in heavy rain without braking, the braking effect may be delayed slightly when next using the brakes.

Parking on a hill

Always make sure that the parking brake has been activated when parking on a hill.

Petrol particle filter

Petrol cars are fitted with particle filters for more efficient emission control.

Petrol station

Use the car's navigation system* in order to find the route to the closest petrol station.

Empty tank and diesel engine

Once the engine has stopped due to fuel starvation, the fuel system needs a few moments to carry out a check.

Diesel particulate filter

Diesel cars are fitted with particle filters for more efficient emission control.

Preparations for a long trip

Before a driving holiday or some other type of long journey, it is important to check the car's functions and equipment particularly carefully.

Overloading the starter battery

High power consumption without the car being able to charge the starter battery leads to low battery level and some electric functions being reduced or switched off. If the battery level decreases to below a certain limit, it is no longer possible to start the car without jump starting or charging with an external charger.

Driving in water

Wading means the car being driven through water e.g. on a flooded road. Driving in water must be performed with great caution.

Winter driving

For winter driving it is important to perform certain checks of the car in order to ensure that it can be driven safely.

Overheating in the engine and drive system

Under certain conditions, e.g. hard driving in hilly terrain and hot climate, there is an increased risk of overheating the engine and drive system – in particular with a heavy load.