Android Auto

Android Auto makes it possible to control many of the functions available in your Android telephone via the car's centre display. Here you can read about Android Auto and what you should know before you start using the function.

Android Auto

By connecting an Android phone to your car you can, use Android Auto to listen to music, make calls, get directions, as well as run certain apps, amongst other things. Android Auto works with certain Android phones.

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With Android Auto you can make calls, get directions and use apps.


You can find information about which apps are supported and which telephones are compatible on Android Auto's website. Note that Volvo is not responsible for the content of Android Auto.

Using Android Auto

For information and video tutorial on how to use Android Auto, see Using Android Auto. For further information, see Tips for using Android Auto.

Internet connection when using Android Auto

If your phone is connected to the car via Bluetooth1, the connection will be interrupted when Android Auto is used. Resume the Internet connection in your car by sharing the Internet via the Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone, see the instructions below.


On your phone: Select settings > Personal hotspot > to activate the function2.
In your car: Select Settings > Communication > Wi-Fi > Activate the function. For more information, see Connect to the Internet via your mobile phone (WiFi).
The car searches for your phone's shared Wi-Fi hotspot and connects to the Internet.

Note that the telephone can turn off tethering after contact with the car has been interrupted. For reactivate tethering, follow step 1 above.


For installation of Android Auto to be possible, the car must be equipped with two USB ports (USB hub)3. If the car only has one USB port then it is not possible to use Android Auto.

It is not possible to install Android Auto on the XC90 or XC90 Twin Engine model year 2016 since they do not have the USB hub. It is not possible to retrofit the USB hub on these models.

To use Android Auto you need to install the Android Auto app on your mobile phone. For information about markets in which the app is available, see the Android Auto website.

Android Auto runs in the background if another app is started in the same tile. If you want to show Android Auto in the tile again - tap on the Android Auto icon in App view.


Data is transferred (data traffic) when using the Internet, and this may involve a cost. Contact your network operator about data traffic costs.
  1. 1 Does not apply when connecting via Wi-Fi or car modem (P-SIM)
  2. 2 Settings for tethering can vary depending on telephone model.
  3. 3 Option.

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