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Volvo Cars has been serving the diplomat community since 1956, offering one of the most comprehensive diplomat sales programs on the market.
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Founded in 1927, Volvo Cars has built a strong reputation as a world leader in quality, design and safety.

As a Volvo Diplomat customer, you’ll be able to order your new Volvo, tailored to your unique requirements, at a discounted price and with a premium level of service and exclusivity guaranteed.

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Since our beginning, we have made cars that empower people to live an enriched, authentic life. We preserve space, harmony and tranquil moments taken out of a busy day. Our kind of luxury is based on sensory nuances and small details which complete a bigger, more emotive premium experience.

With its distinctive Scandinavian heritage, your Volvo is designed to make life less complicated.

Our exclusive offer

Volvo models from our diplomatic selection offer highest Volvo quality and equipment that is carefully adjusted to your travels. We invite you to take advantage of the special offer created exclusively for you.

Volvo XC Recharge from 32.096 EUR

XC40, XC60 and XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrids are exceptional SUVs that provide more power and less impact on the environment. With a combination of an electric motor and a petrol engine, they enable zero-emission driving in Pure electric mode, while in Hybrid mode they are extraordinarily economical. As every Volvo, all three protect you perfectly and offer plentiful comfort on your diplomatic travels.

XC40 T4 Recharge 211hp Inscription Expression AT7 starting from 32.096 EUR

XC60 T6 Recharge 340hp Inscription Expression AT8 starting from 44.435 EUR

XC90 T8 Recharge 390hp Inscription Expression 7s AT8 starting from 52.094 EUR

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Volvo XC40 from 22.226 EUR

Volvo XC40, our compact SUV, excels in expressive design, driving experience and cutting-edge technology. With its original storage spaces, spaciousness, comfort and solutions that simplify life, XC40 brings lightness to diplomatic travel. The XC40 is a slightly more youthful choice, but still a Volvo that focuses on your well-being – it is equipped with award-winning safety technologies.

XC40 T2 129Hp Momentum MT6 starting from 22.226 EUR

Volvo S60 from 26.584 EUR

With the elegant Volvo S60, it all starts with an inspiring driving experience. This car is created to offer only the best – with its wide usability, excellent handling characteristics, natural driving dynamics, intuitive technology, tranquil and pefectly equiped interior and legendary Volvo comfort that keeps you fresh through your trips.

S60 B3 (P) 163hp Momentum Pro AT8 starting from 26.584 EUR 

Volvo XC60 from 25.992 EUR

In an ever-faster world we value security more than anything else. The Volvo XC60 understands the spirit of the times, as evidenced by the title of the safest car in the world. However, the XC60 is much more than an embodiment of security. The most popular Volvo impresses with its perfect technology, thoughtful design, highest comfort and equipment adjusted to the lives of diplomats.

XC60 B4 (P) 197HP KERS Momentum AT8 starting from 25.992 EUR 

Volvo V60 from 26.765 EUR

The Volvo V60 is a pleasure to drive – with a spacious cabin, exceptional design and powerful performance. It is one of the safest cars, the first in the world to feature a system for avoiding vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and animals on the road. The V60 also excels on diplomatic journeys, with a large touch screen, Sensus navigation and seats offering a number of personal setting options.

V60 B3 (P) 190hp Momentum AT8 starting from 26.765 EUR

Volvo V60 Cross Country from 32.133 EUR

The V60 Cross Country offers you plenty of control and freedom on journeys, with great ground clearance, four-wheel drive, a solid body and a long range of assistance systems. The outstanding caravan, which combines Scandinavian elegance with the robustness of an SUV, is also distinguished in our special offer by rich equipment and an affordable price.

V60 Cross Country B5 (P) 250hp Plus AT8 AWD starting from 32.133 EUR 

Volvo S90 from 27.722 EUR

The premium Volvo S90 is an elegant and yet charmingly simple sedan. It impresses with distinctively clean and majestic scandinavian design, sophisticated materials, natural wooden details and intuitive technology. With its luxurious equipment it offers a pleasant driving experience and is carefully designed to keep you relaxed on longer journeys.

S90 B4 (P) 190hp Momentum Pro AT8 starting from 27.722 EUR

Volvo V90 Cross Country from 36.670 EUR

The V90 CC features a robust look and build, greater ground clearance, distinctive design, and the most advanced safety solutions and technology. The exceptional caravan is more than ready for all road conditions, with a downhill control system, outstanding four-wheel drive and state-of-the-art assistance technologies that further upgrade Volvo's legendary safety.

V90 Cross Country B5 (P) 250hp Pro AT8 AWD starting from 36.670 EUR 

Volvo XC90 from 42.481 EUR

Refined power, impeccable comfort and a perfect design. This is the Volvo XC90, a luxury SUV that seduces with its balance – it is at the same time energetic and relaxing, simple and full of beautiful details. XC90 is the most advanced Volvo to date, and the embodiment of the Swedish safety philosophy. All of these are reasons why the XC90 is the most awarded premium SUV of this century.

XC90 B5 (D) 235hp KERS Momentum Pro 7s AT8 AWD starting from 42.481 EUR

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*Savings refer to the full price of the vehicle according to the regular price list including VAT, excise duty and customs.
The savings do not apply to vehicles in special offers.