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Greenterest Calculator

Everything we do leaves a carbon footprint. Understanding the carbon impact from some of life's activities enables us to rethink our daily activities in order to create a more sustainable impact to the planet.

That is why Volvo Cars has created the Greenterest Calculator for you to estimate your carbon footprint value. Simply input your electricity, water and transport usage value in the following sections to begin to understand how your carbon footprint arises. *

* Calculating your complete carbon footprint requires a number of inputs about your activities. Our Greenterest Calculator has been produced on a best efforts basis and is for general guidance only based on limited inputs provided by you. Our aim is to help you begin to understand your carbon footprint. Volvo Car Malaysia does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the values provided.

Input your monthly electricity usage (kWh) into the table below. Your usage indicated in kWh can be found on your monthly TNB electricity bill.

Next, input your monthly water usage (m³) into the table below. Your usage is indicated in m³ on your monthly water bill.

Next, input how much you spend on fuel per month.