2020 Volvo Cars & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge

With the introduction of an ambitious, daring new concept called duduk by Ecoworld, comes this opportunity for interior design firms to embark on an unprecedented challenge of applying Volvo Car's design philosophy to home interior.

EcoDesign Challenge

We are happy to collaborate with duduk - a new brand by Eco World Development Group Berhad and lifestyle publishing house Aurizn, for the 2020 Volvo Cars and Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge.

The concept of this Challenge is to bring Scandinavian philosophy of human-centric design to the fore, focusing on functionality and sustainability to bring out the natural and organic beauty of a product. This event calls upon interior design firms around the country to submit their most creative spatial designs.

Bring Scandinavian design values into Malaysian homes.
Design creativity showcase open for all Malaysian ID firms.
Actual projects worth more than RM4 million* to be won.

Participants of the Volvo Cars & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge stand a chance to win design projects worth more than RM4 million* to furnish actual duduk by EcoWorld units and complimentary usage of the Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine for six months for all winners from Volvo Cars, making this an unprecedented opportunity to not only showcase the capabilities of the winning firms, but also to realize award-winning designs into actual living spaces available to all Malaysians.

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