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Greenterest Calculator

The Greenterest Calculator has been produced on a best efforts basis and is for general guidance only based on limited inputs provided by you. Volvo Car Malaysia does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the values provided. The formulas, assumptions and conversion factors used in the calculator comes from a variety of sources including Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). Volvo Car Malaysia, has taken reasonable care to ensure the information is accurate, but cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions.

Calculation Notes and Assumptions

1. Electricity Usage: Carbon Emission 1 kWh = 0.674 kg CO₂

2. Water Usage: 1 m³ consumption = 1000 litres emit 4.19 kg CO₂

3. Transport Usage: Fuel price is based on RON95 of RM1.63 per litre. The Carbon Emission of RON95 is 0.0341 kg CO₂ per litre.

4. Carbon Sequestration rate is assumed at 0.04 tCO₂/tree/year.

5. Average Sequestration of trees: 0.04 tCO₂/tree/year (considering trees with size of >10cm diameter at breast height dbh) (source: FRIM)

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