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Few Days Left For SST Exemption

As per the recent announcement by the government, the SST exemption for the purchase of vehicles will be coming to an end on 30th June. Order your Volvo before the SST exemption ends and register your vehicle by March 2023 to make full use of the incentives. Don't wait: act now while stocks last.

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The compact Scandinavian plug-in hybrid SUV – designed for the city and beyond.


The smart plug-in hybrid midsize SUV with refreshed design details and Google built in.


The plug-in hybrid SUV you trust to protect your family, now protects their future.


The dynamic Scandinavian plug-in hybrid estate. Ready with your next adventure in mind.


The Scandinavian plug-in hybrid sedan, designed for a change.


The Scandinavian luxury plug-in hybrid sedan with Google built in.