Privacy locking

Privacy locking

The purpose of privacy locking, which is called private locking on certain models, is to be able to lock the boot lid/tailgate and glovebox but still have the option to open the doors and start the car. Privacy locking is especially useful when you are leaving your car in for service or at a hotel.

Private locking/Privacy locking

The function varies slightly depending on car model.

Using privacy locking, the glovebox is locked and the tailgate is disconnected from the car's central locking. The tailgate cannot be opened with either the central locking button in the front doors or with the remote control key. The function is activated using the detachable key blade that is fitted in the remote control key. The remote control key can then be handed over to service or hotel personnel - you remove and keep the detachable key blade.

Do not forget to extend the cargo cover over the cargo area before you close the tailgate.

Activating privacy locking

16w26 - Support site - P3/P4 - Private locking

Activation of privacy locking.

Remove the key blade from the remote control key and insert it into the glovebox lock.

Turn the key blade 180 degrees clockwise.

Remove the key blade. A message is shown on the centre display. Privacy locking is now activated. Deactivation takes place in reverse order.

Car model/model year

S60, S60CC, V60, V60CC, V60H, S60L, S60L Hybrid

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Car model/model year

S60, S60CC, V60, V60CC, V60H, S60L, S60L Hybrid

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