Driver profiles

Driver profiles

In order for your Volvo to be customised for you every time you get into the car, you have the option to save and protect your personal preferences in driver profiles. The driver profiles can be connected to the car's keys, and when the car is unlocked, its settings are adjusted to the driver profile in the key being used.

Driver profiles

You can save the settings you define in your car in driver profiles and also link a profile to any of the car's keys. When a key linked with a driver profile is used, the seats, mirrors and air conditioning are all adjusted according to the settings linked with the profile. For more information about driver profiles, see the video and instructions below or the Owner's Manual for your car. You can also follow the links below for more information on how to adjust and use driver profiles in your car.

Driver profiles

Settings and menus in the centre display vary depending on software version.

The car adapts to your preferences during unlocking

When you unlock your car using a key with a linked driver profile, the car's settings are adjusted according to the profile. You can save settings for:

  • Seats
  • Mirrors
  • Climate control
  • Audio experience
  • Navigation

You can save as many driver profiles as you have keys for the car.

Connecting driver profile to key

To read more about how to link a driver profile to a key, see Connecting driver profile to key.

Save and protect settings for a driver profile

You can protect settings for a driver profile. For more information, see Edit and protect driver profile.

We recommend that you read the owner's manual for your car model for more information and any important warnings.

Car model/model year

XC90 and XC90 Twin Engine of model year 2016 onwards

S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country of model year 2017 onwards

XC40, XC60, XC60 Twin Engine, V90 Twin Engine and S90 Twin Engine of model year 2018 onwards

V60, V60 Twin Engine and V60 Cross Country of model year 2019 onwards

S60 and S60 Twin Engine of model year 2020 onwards

The range of models may vary depending on market.

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