Road sign information (RSI)* - operation

The road sign information function (RSI – Road Sign Information) helps the driver to remember which road signs the car has passed. How the function is operated is described below.
P4-1220-RSI Instrumentpanel
Recorded speed information1.

When RSI has recorded a road sign with an imposed speed, the combined instrument panel displays the sign as a symbol.

P4-1220- RSI Omkörningsförbud

Together with the symbol for the current speed limit, a sign showing that overtaking is prohibited may also be displayed where appropriate.

End of restriction or motorway

A corresponding road sign is shown in the combined instrument panel for approx. 10 seconds in situations where RSI detects a sign that involves the end of a speed limit - or other speed-related information, e.g. end of a motorway.

Examples of such signs are:

P3+4-1246- RSI Alla begränsningar upphör

End of all restrictions.

P3+4-1246- RSI Motorväg upphör

End of motorway.

Following which, the sign information is hidden until the next speed-related sign is detected.

Additional signs

P4-1220- RSI Hastighet vid undantag
Examples of additional signs1.

Sometimes different speed limits are signposted for the same road - an additional sign then indicates the circumstances under which the different speeds apply. The road section may be particularly susceptible to accidents in rain and/or fog, for example.

An additional sign relating to rain is displayed only if the windscreen wipers are in use.

P4-1220- RSI Hastighet på Avfart el Annan väg

The speed applicable on an exit is indicated in certain markets by means of an additional sign containing an arrow.

Speed signs linked to this type of additional sign are displayed only if the driver is using the direction indicator.

P4-1220- RSI Hastighet begränsad sträcka eller tid på dygnet

Some speeds are applicable only after e.g. a specific distance or at a certain time of day. The driver's attention is drawn to the situation by means of a symbol for an additional sign under the symbol showing speed.

Display of additional information

P3+4-1320- RSI Tilläggstavla

A symbol for additional sign in the form of an empty frame under the combined instrument panel's speed symbol means that the RSI has detected an additional sign with supplementary information for the current speed limit.

Road sign information On/Off

P4-1220-MyCar RSI

The combined instrument panel's speed symbol display can be disabled.

To deactivate the RSI function:

  • Search for the function in the menu system MY CAR MY CAR, uncheck Road sign information and back out with EXIT.

Speed Alert On/Off

P4-1246-MyCar RSI-SpeedAlertOn

The driver can opt to receive a warning when the applicable speed limit is exceeded by 5 km/h or more. This warning is given by the symbol showing the applicable maximum speed temporarily flashing when this speed is exceeded.

To activate speed warning:

  • Search for the function in the menu system MY CAR MY CAR, check Speed alert and back out with EXIT.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Road signs shown in the combined instrument panel are market-dependent - the illustrations only show a few examples.