XC90 Twin Engine


Activating and starting the Adaptive cruise control*

The Adaptive cruise control (Adaptive Cruise Control - ACC) must first be activated and then started if it is to control the speed.
Buttons and symbols for functions.

Buttons and symbols for functions.

Activate Adaptive Cruise Control

Immediately after the engine is started the Adaptive Cruise Control is in the standby mode.

Press ◀ (2) or ▶ (3) to browse to the symbol/function (4).
The symbol is displayed and Adaptive Cruise Control is set in standby mode.

Start Adaptive Cruise Control

In order to start the ACC the following requirements apply:
  • The driver’s seatbelt must be buckled and the driver’s door must be closed.
  • There must be a vehicle (the "target vehicle") in front of the car, or the current speed must be at least 15 km/h (9 mph).
With the symbol/function displayed - press the steering wheel button (1).
Adaptive Cruise Control starts, and the current speed is stored as the desired speed in memory and is shown in figures in the centre of the speedometer.

The time interval is only adjusted to the vehicle ahead by the ACC when the distance symbol shows two vehicles.

At the same time a speed range is marked.

The higher speed is the stored/set speed and the lower speed is that of the preceding vehicle (target vehicle).

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