XC90 Twin Engine


Using the parking brake

Use the parking brake to prevent the car from rolling from stationary.

Applying the parking brake

Pull the control upward.
The symbol in the driver display illuminates when the parking brake is applied.
Check that the car is stationary.

Symbol in the driver display


The symbol is illuminated when the parking brake is applied.

If the symbol flashes, it indicates a fault has occurred. Read the message on the driver display.

Automatic application

The parking brake is applied automatically:

  • if the Auto Hold function (automatic braking when stationary) is activated and the car has been stationary approx. 5 minutes.
  • when gear position P is selected on a steep hill.
  • when the engine is switched off. (This function is optional, see the heading "Settings for parking brake" below.)

Emergency brake

In an emergency, the parking brake can be applied when the vehicle is in motion by pulling and holding up the control. Braking stops when the control is released.


An acoustic signal sounds while emergency braking is active at high speeds.

Releasing the parking brake

Releasing manually

Depress the brake pedal firmly.
Press the control down.
The parking brake releases and the symbol in the driver display extinguishes.

Releasing automatically

Put the seatbelt on.
Start the engine.
Select gear position D or R and depress the accelerator pedal.
The parking brake releases and the symbol in the driver display extinguishes.

Parking on a hill


Always apply the parking brake when parking on a slope - leaving the car in gear, or in P if it has automatic transmission, is not sufficient to hold the car in all situation.

If the car is parked facing uphill:

  • Turn the wheels away from the kerb.

If the car is parked facing downhill:

  • Turn the wheels towards the kerb.

Heavy load uphill

A heavy load, such as a trailer, can cause the car to roll backward when the parking brake is released automatically on a steep incline. Avoid this by pulling the control upwards while driving the car away. Release the control when the engine achieves traction.

Settings for parking brake

It is possible to deactivate/reactivate the function for automatic application via the centre display:

Press Settings in the top view.
Press My CarElectric Parking Brake and deselect/select the function Auto Activate Parking Brake.

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