XC90 Twin Engine


Settings for car modem*

The car is equipped with a modem that can be used to connect the car to the Internet. It is also possible to share the Internet connection via Wi-Fi.
Press Settings in top view.
Press CommunicationCar Modem Internet and select settings:
  • Car modem Internet - select whether to use the car modem as Internet connection.
  • Data usage - tap on Reset resets the counters for received and sent data volume.
  • Network
Select network operator - automatic or manual selection of network operator.
Data roaming - if the box is ticked, the car modem will attempt to connect to the Internet when the car is abroad and outside its home network. Note that this may result in heavy costs. Check your roaming agreement for data traffic abroad with your network provider in your home country.
  • SIM card PIN
Change PIN - a maximum of 4 digits can be entered.
Disable PIN - select whether the PIN code shall be required for access to the SIM card.
  • Send request code — used e.g. to top up or check the balance on a prepaid card. Functionality depends on the provider.

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