XC90 Twin Engine


Available Volvo On Call functions

Overview of available Volvo On Call (VOC) functions via the VOC service centre and the VOC mobile application.
ServiceService CentreApp1
Remote heater startX
Automatic alarmX
Manual alarmX
Roadside assistanceXX
Theft Notification (TN)X
Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)X
Remote Door Unlock (RDU)XX
Remote lockingX
Remote Vehicle Immobiliser2X
Remote engine start (ERS)2, 3X
Locating the carXX
The car's instrument panelX
Driving journalX
Vehicle informationX
Send destination to car4X
  1. 1 Certain functions are not available on all car models.
  2. 2 Certain markets.
  3. 3 Certain cars with automatic gearbox.
  4. 4 Sensus Navigation required.

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