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What is model year?

We do several model year updates every year. Each new update comes with a specific model year code that you will find at the back of your Owner’s Manual. The code is written as ATXXXX, for example AT1446.


Model Year: 2014 AT 1346

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Introduction (1)

  • Digital owner's manual in the car

    The owner's manual can be read on the screen in the car. The content is searchable and it is easy to navigate between different sections.

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Instruments and controls (6)

  • Trip computer - supplementary information

    The car's trip computer can record, calculate and show information while driving. Supplementary information of several functions follows below.

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  • Door mirrors

    The door mirror positions are adjusted with the joystick in the driver's door controls.

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  • Wipers and washing

    Wipers and washers clean the windscreen and rear window. The headlamps are cleaned with high-pressure washing.

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  • Seats, front - electrically operated

    The car's front seats have different setting options for optimum seating comfort. The power seat can be moved forward/backward and up/down. The front edge of the seat cushion can be raised/lowered. The backrest angle can be changed.

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  • Light switches

    The headlamp control activates and adjusts the external lighting. It is also used to adjust the display, instrument and passenger compartment lighting.

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  • Seats, rear

    The rear seat backrest and the outer seat head restraints can be folded. The centre seat head restraint can be adjusted to suit the height of the passenger.

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Climate (1)

  • Demisting and defrosting the windscreen

    Heated windscreen* and max. defroster are used to quickly remove misting and ice from the windscreen and side windows.

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Locks and alarm (1)

  • PCC* - unique functions

    Remote control key with PCC has extended functionality compared with remote control key without PCC in the form of an information button and indicator lamps.

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Starting and driving (3)

  • Parking brake

    The parking brake holds the car stationary, when the driver's seat is empty, by mechanically locking/blocking two wheels.

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  • Starting the engine

    The engine is started and switched off using the remote control key and the START/STOP ENGINE button.

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  • Switching off the engine

    The engine is switched off using the START/STOP ENGINE button.

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Audio and media (5)

  • Bluetooth® handsfree phone

    A mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth® can be connected wirelessly to the car.

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  • Registering a Bluetooth® device

    It is possible to have two Bluetooth® devices connected simultaneously. One phone and one media device, which it is possible to switch between. It is also possible to call with the phone and simultaneously stream audio files. It is possible to connect the car to the Internet via the mobile phone's Internet connection.

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  • Audio and media - operating the system

    The audio and media system is controlled from the centre console and partly from the steering wheel buttons, with voice recognition or remote control*. The information is presented on the screen in the upper section of the centre console.

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  • External audio source via AUX/USB* input

    An external audio source, e.g. an iPod® or MP3 player, can be connected to the audio system.

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  • Radio

    It is possible to listen to the AMV60 Plug-in Hybrid and FM radio frequencies, and in certain cases also digital radio (DAB)*.In an Internet-connected car it may be possible to listen to Internet radio, see Apps.

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Loading and storage (3)

  • Storage spaces

    Overview of storage spaces in the passenger compartment.

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  • Tunnel console - 12 V-sockets

    The electrical sockets (12 V) are located next to the cup holder and rear of the tunnel console.

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  • 12 V electrical socket - cargo area*

    The electrical socket can be used for various accessories designed for 12 V, e.g. display screens, music players and mobile phones.

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Maintenance and service (2)

  • Car wash

    The car should be washed as soon as it becomes dirty. Wash the car in a car wash with oil separator. Use car shampoo.

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  • Engine oil - checking and filling

    The oil level is checked on certain engine variants with the electronic oil level sensor, on other engine variants with the oil dipstick.

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