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Symbols and messages

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BLIS and CTA - symbols and messages

In situations where the BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) and CTA functions fail or are interrupted, the combined instrument panel may show a symbol, supplemented by an explanatory message. Follow any recommendation given.

Combined instrument cluster - meaning of warning symbols

The warning symbols alert the driver that an important function is activated, or that a serious error or a serious failure has occurred.

Distance Warning* - symbols and messages

The Distance Warning function (Distance Alert) warns the driver if the time interval to the vehicle ahead becomes too short.

Collision warning system* - symbols and messages

"Collision Warning with Auto Brake and Cyclist and Pedestrian Detection" is an aid to assist the driver when there is a risk of colliding with a pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle in front that are stationary or moving in the same direction.

Lane Keeping Aid - symbols and messages

In situations where there is no Lane assistance function, a symbol may be shown in the combined instrument panel in combination with an explanatory message - follow the recommendation given if appropriate.

Active Park Assist (PAP)* - symbols and messages

The Park Assist Pilot (PAP – Park Assist Pilot) helps the driver to park by first checking whether a space is sufficiently large and then turning the steering wheel and steering the car into the space.

Adaptive cruise control* - symbols and messages

The adaptive cruise control(ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control) helps the driver to maintain an even speed combined with a pre-selected time interval to the vehicle ahead. Sometimes the adaptive cruise control may display a symbol and/or text message. Here are some examples - follow the recommendation given if appropriate:

Start/Stop* - symbols and messages

The Start/Stop function can show text messages in the combined instrument panel.

Driver Alert Control (DAC)* - symbols and messages

Driver Alert Control - DAC can show symbols and text messages in the combined instrument panel or in the centre console's screen in different situations.

Electronic stability control (ESC) - symbols and messages

Stability system ESC (Electronic Stability Control) helps the driver to avoid skidding and improves the car's traction.


When a warning, information or indicator symbol illuminates, a corresponding message appears on the information display.

Combined instrument panel - meaning of indicator symbols

The indicator symbols alert the driver that a function is activated, that the system is operating, or that an error or failure has occurred.

City Safety™ - symbols and messages

In conjunction with automatic braking by the City Safety™ system, one or more symbols may illuminate in the combined instrument panel and a text message may be shown. A text message can be acknowledged by briefly pressing the OK button on the direction indicator stalk.

Messages - handling

Use the left-hand stalk switch to acknowledge and browse among messages that are shown in the information display of the combined instrument panel.

Symbols in the display

There are a variety of different symbols in the display in the car. The symbols are divided into warning, indicator and information symbols.