V60 Plug-in Hybrid

2015 Early

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V60 Plug-in Hybrid
2015 Early

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BLIS - symbols and messages

In situations where the BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) and CTA (Cross Traffic Alert) functions fail or are interrupted, the combined instrument panel may show a symbol, supplemented by an explanatory message. Follow any recommendation given.

Collision warning system* - symbols and messages

"Collision Warning with Auto Brake and Cyclist and Pedestrian Detection" is an aid to assist the driver when there is a risk of colliding with a pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle in front that are stationary or moving in the same direction.

Distance Warning* - symbols and messages

Distance Warning (Distance Alert) is a function that informs the driver about the time interval to vehicles in front. The function has certain limitations.


When a warning, information or indicator symbol illuminates, a corresponding message appears on the information display.

City Safety™ - symbols and messages

In conjunction with automatic braking by the City Safety™ system, one or more symbols may illuminate in the combined instrument panel and a text message may be shown. A text message can be acknowledged by briefly pressing the OK button on the direction indicator stalk.

Electronic stability control (ESC) - symbols and messages

Stability system ESC (Electronic Stability Control) helps the driver to avoid skidding and improves the car's traction.

Preconditioning - messages

Symbols and messages regarding preconditioning.

Driver Alert Control (DAC)* - symbols and messages

DAC can show symbols and text messages on the combined instrument panel or in the centre console's display screen in different situations.

Messages - handling

Use the left-hand stalk switch to acknowledge and browse among messages that are shown in the information display of the combined instrument panel.

Adaptive cruise control* - symbols and messages

The adaptive cruise control (ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control) helps the driver to maintain an even speed combined with a pre-selected time interval to the vehicle ahead. Sometimes the adaptive cruise control may display a symbol and/or text message. Here are some examples - follow the recommendation given if appropriate:

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) - symbols and messages

Lane Departure Warning is one of the functions in the Driver Alert System - sometimes also referred to as LDW (Lane Departure Warning).The function is intended for use on motorways and similar major roads in order to reduce the risk of the vehicle accidentally leaving its own lane in certain situations.In situations where there is no LDW function a symbol may be shown in the combined instrument panel in combination with an explanatory message - follow the recommendation given if appropriate.

Alcolock* - symbols and text messages

The function of the AlcolockAlcoguard is to prevent the car from being driven by individuals under the influence of alcohol.In addition to the previously described messages related to how the alcolock works before starting the engine the combined instrument panel's display can also show the following: