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V60 Twin Engine

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Registering a Bluetooth® device

It is possible to have two Bluetooth® devices connected simultaneously. One phone and one media device, which you can switch between. It is also possible to call with the phone and simultaneously stream audio files. It is possible to connect the car to the Internet via the mobile phone's Internet connection.

Bluetooth® handsfree phone - overview

System overview for Bluetooth® handsfree phone.

Removing a Bluetooth® device

It is possible to remove (deregister) a Bluetooth® device from the car. The car will then not locate the device automatically.

Making and receiving calls

Functions for handling phone calls.

Connecting and disconnecting a Bluetooth® device

The car is equipped with Bluetooth® and can wirelessly communicate with other Bluetooth® devices after registration and connection.

Phone book

The car mirrors the connected mobile phone's phone book and only shows this phone book when the mobile phone is connected.

Symbols in the screen

Overview of the symbols that can be shown in the screen's activity/status field.

Bluetooth® handsfree phone - audio settings

It is possible to adjust the call volume, audio system volume and ring signal volume.


Bluetooth® handsfree phone

A mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth® can be connected wirelessly to the car.

Remote control*

The remote control can be used for all functions in the audio and media system. The remote control's buttons have the same functions as the buttons in the centre console or steering wheel keypad.

Automatic connection of Bluetooth® device

When the Bluetooth® function is active and the last device connected is in range it is connected automatically. If the last connected device is not in range, the system attempts to connect a device previously registered in the car.

Disconnecting the Bluetooth® device

When the Bluetooth® device is out of range of the car it is automatically disconnected.

Changing to another Bluetooth® device

It is possible to change from a connected device to another one if there are several devices in the car. The device must first have been registered to the car.