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Steering wheel

Updated 7/23/2018

The steering wheel can be adjusted in different positions and has controls for horn and cruise control, as well as menu, audio and phone control.


P3-1420-Inställning ratt

Adjusting the steering wheel.

Lever - releasing the steering wheel
Possible steering wheel positions

The steering wheel can be adjusted for both height and depth:

The lever is pulled towards the driver to release the steering wheel.

Adjust the steering wheel to the position that suits you.

Push back the lever to fix the steering wheel in place. If the lever is stiff, press the steering wheel lightly at the same time as you push the lever back.


Adjust the steering wheel and fix it before driving away.

With speed related power steering* the level of steering force can be adjusted, see Adjustable steering force.


P3-1420-V60H Keypads

Keypads in the steering wheel.

Audio and phone control, see supplement, Sensus Infotainment.


P3-1420-S60/V60/V60H Horn


Press the centre of the steering wheel to signal.

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