Towing and recovery

Fitting and removing the towing eye

Updated 1/21/2020

Fitting and removing the towing eye

Use the towing eye if the car shall tow another vehicle. The towing eye is screwed into a threaded socket behind a cover on the right-hand side of the rear bumper.


If the car is equipped with a towbar, there is no rear mounting for a towing eye.

Fitting the towing eye

P5-1817-V60-Towing eye, storage step 1

Take out the towing eye from the foam block under the floor in the cargo area.

P5-1617-S90-V90-towing eye fitting rear step 3

Remove the cover – press on the marking with a finger while you fold out the opposite side/corner.

The cover pivots around its centre line and can then be removed.

Screw in the towing eye until it reaches its end stop.

P6-1746-XC40-Towing eye with wheel bolt wrench as lever

Screw the eye in firmly. For example, thread through the wheel bolt wrench* and use it as a lever.


It is important that the towing eye is firmly screwed into place - right in until it stops.

Removing the towing eye

Unscrew and remove the towing eye after use and return it to its place in the foam block.

Finish by refitting the cover onto the bumper.

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