Cruise control

Cruise control

Updated 7/23/2018

The cruise control (Cruise Control - CC) helps the driver maintain an even speed, resulting in a more relaxed driving on motorways and long, straight roads in regular traffic flows.


P5-1507-CC rattknappar-1

Buttons and symbols for functions.

Increase the stored speed or reactivate the Cruise control and resume the stored speed
Activate the Cruise control and store the current speed, or deactivate the Cruise control
Reduces stored speed
Marker for stored speed
The car's current speed
Stored speed

In cars equipped with the adaptive cruise control option, the driver can change between CC and ACC - see "Change between Cruise control and adaptive cruise control".


The driver must always be observant with regard to the traffic conditions and intervene when the cruise control is not maintaining a suitable speed and/or suitable distance.

The driver always bears ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is driven safely.

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