Cargo cover*

Updated 7/23/2018

In the extended position, the cargo cover prevents visual access to the cargo area.


P5-1617-V90-load cover installing

Insert one of the cargo cover's end pieces in the recess in the side panel in the cargo area.

Then insert the other end piece in the recess in the side panel on the opposite side.

Press down the end pieces on both sides - one by one.

When a "click" is heard and the red marking on each end piece has disappeared, the cargo cover is attached - check that it is affixed securely.

P5-1617-V90-load cover front flap

Fold the cargo cover's front sealing disc forward to eliminate the space between the cargo cover and the rear seat's backrests.

If the safety net* shall be used at the same time as the cargo cover then the safety net must be fitted first.


There are two extended positions for the cargo cover - a full-cover position and a loading position, where it is partially extended to make it easier to reach further into the cargo area.

Full-cover position

P5-1617-V90-load cover full expansion

Grip the handle and pull out the cargo cover so that it slides over the side panels in the cargo area. Pull to the end position.

Guide the cover's attachment pins into the grooves in the side panels. Release, while at the same time angling the handle slightly upwards so that the attachment pins hook in.

The cargo cover is locked in the full-cover position.

Loading mode

From the full-cover position:

P5-1646-V90-load cover half expansion other solution

Grip the handle to release the attachment pins from the hooks.

The cover retracts until it stops in the loading position.

Returning to full-cover position from loading position:

Grip the handle and pull the cargo cover out to the end position.

Release the handle so that the attachment pins hook into the hooks.

The cover is then locked in the loading position.

With an automatic* cargo cover, the cover will be retracted from full-cover position to loading position every time the tailgate is opened, and extended again when the tailgate is closed. The cargo cover detects if something is obstructing its movement and then retracts automatically.


The cargo cover may not operate automatically in low passenger compartment temperatures.


Do not load objects on top of the cargo cover.


Pay attention to the risk of crushing when opening and closing with the automatic* cargo cover.


If the cargo area is loaded with a bulky load then the automatic* cargo cover is moved to retracted position in order to avoid it making contact with the load.


From the full-cover position:

Lift up the handle and pull it backward to disengage the cargo cover's attachment pins and then release.

From loading position:

Grip the handle and pull out the cargo cover in the grooves - pull to the full-cover position. Lift up the handle and pull it backward to disengage the attachment pins and then release.

Retract the cover with its attachment pins outside of the side panels until it stops in the retracted position.

Remember that a retracted cargo cover may obstruct rearward visibility.


In retracted position:

Depress the button on one of the retracted cargo cover's end pieces and lift out that end.

Angle the cover up/out carefully.

The other end piece loosens automatically and the cover can be lifted out of the cargo area.

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