Safety grille*

Updated 7/23/2018

The safety grille prevents loads or pets in the cargo area from being thrown forward in the passenger compartment.

The safety grille is crash-tested in accordance with the ECE R17 legal requirement and fulfils Volvo's strength requirements.

P5-1646-V90-steel safety grille overview

For safety reasons, the safety grille must always be attached and anchored correctly.


Under no circumstances may anybody remain in the cargo area while the car is moving. This is to avoid injury in the event of heavy braking or an accident.


Before first installing the safety grille, the existing plastic roof mountings must be replaced with steel roof mountings. Volvo recommends that replacing roof mountings is performed at an authorised Volvo workshop or dealer.

Fold the rear seat's backrest forward.

Make sure that the safety grille is turned in the right direction. Lift in the safety grille through one of the rear side doors.

P5-1646-V90-safety grill attachment

Position the safety grille's brackets on the roof mountings.

The next step is facilitated if two people hold the safety grille in the right position.

P5-1646-V90-safety grill attachment step 2

Fit the enclosed screw and screw in. Repeat on the other side.

Check that the safety grille is firmly fitted.

For more information about the tools required and methods for fitting/removal, see the installation instructionsInstallation instructions no. 31659257. that were included with the initial purchase.


The protective grille cannot be folded up or down when a cargo cover is fitted.

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