Remote control key

Remote control key range

Updated 7/23/2018

In order for the remote control key to work properly it needs to be within a certain distance from the car.

For manual use

The remote control key's functions for e.g. locking/unlocking that are activated by pressing on or have a range that extends approx. 20 metres from the car.

If the car does not verify a button being pressed - move closer and try again.

For keyless use

Only applies to cars equipped with the keyless locking/unlocking option (Passive Entry*).

16w17 - SPA - V90 - Remote key range

The marked area in the illustration shows areas covered by the system's antennas.

For keyless use, a remote control key or the button-less key (Key Tag) must be within a semicircle format area with a radius of approx. 1.5 metres on both long sides and approx. 1 metre from the tailgate.


The remote control key functions may be disrupted by surrounding radio waves, buildings, topographical conditions, etc. The car can always be locked/unlocked with the key blade.

If the remote control key is removed from the car

P5-15w19-XC90H-Symbol-Key not found

If the remote control key is removed from the car when the engine is running, the warning message Car key not foundRemoved from car is shown in the driver display and an acoustic reminder sounds when the last door is closed.

The message extinguishes when the key is returned to the car, followed by a press of the right-hand keypad's O button, or when the last door is closed.

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