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Audio and media

The audio and media system consists of radio, media player, TV* and the option to communicate with the mobile phone, which in some cases can be controlled with voice recognition. It is possible to connect the car to the Internet to e.g. stream audio via apps. Information is presented on a 7-inch screen in the upper section of the centre console. Functions can be controlled via buttons in the steering wheel, in the centre console below the screen or via remote control*.


Link a frequently used function to the FAV button. It is possible to link a function within each respective source in the main sources of radio, media, MY CAR and the web browser in an Internet-connected car. The linked function is then activated simply by pressing FAV.

Licenses - audio and media

Audio and media - overview

Overview of the audio and media system's different parts.


Audio and media - operating the system

The audio and media system is controlled from the centre console, with steering wheel buttons, voice recognition or remote control*. The information is presented on the screen in the upper section of the centre console.

Symbols in the screen

Overview of the symbols that can be shown in the screen's activity/status field.

Media search

There is the option to search for music in your devices. The search seeks through USB, disc and hard disc drive.

Type approval - audio and media

Type approval for radio, telecom and computer equipment.

Volvo Sensus

Volvo Sensus is the heart of the personal Volvo experience and connects you with the car and outside world. Sensus provides information, entertainment and assistance when it is needed. Sensus consists of intuitive functions that both enhance the car journey and simplifies ownership of the car.