Engine and passenger compartment heater

Engine block heater and passenger compartment heater* - messages

Updated 7/23/2018

Symbols and display messages regarding the engine block and passenger compartment heater differ depending on whether the combined instrument panel is analogue or digital.

Px-1420-Symbol Fuel heater

When the heater has been activated the heat symbol illuminates in the information display.

When one of the timers has been activated, the symbol for activated timer illuminates in the display at the same time as the set time is shown next to the symbol.

P4-1246 Symbol Fuel heater Activated timer - analog

Symbol for activated timer in analogue combined instrument panel.

P4-1246 Symbol Fuel heater Activated timer - digital

Symbol for activated timer in digital combined instrument panel.

The table shows symbols and display texts that appear.




The heater is switched on and running.

Fuel operated heater stopped Battery saving mode

The heater has been stopped by the car's electronics in order to facilitate starting the engine.

Fuel operated heater stopped Low fuel level

Starting the heater is not possible due to fuel level being too low - this is in order to facilitate starting the engine as well as approx. 50 km driving.

Fuel operated heater Service required

Heater not working. Contact a workshop for repair. Volvo recommends that you contact an authorised Volvo workshop.

A display text clears automatically after a time or after one press on the indicator stalkOK button.

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