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Sensus - connection and maintenance

Updated 7/23/2018

Sensus makes it possible to surf the Internet, use different types of apps and make the car a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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This is Sensus

Sensus offers an intelligent interface and online connectivity with the digital world. An intuitive navigation structure makes it possible to receive relevant support, information and entertainment when it is necessary, without distracting the driver.

Sensus covers all solutions in the car that are connected with entertainment, online connectivity, navigation* and the user interface between driver and car. It is Sensus that makes communication possible between you, the car and the outside world.

Information when it is needed, where it is needed

The different displays in the car provide information at the right time. The information is shown in different locations based on how it should be prioritised by the driver.

Different types of information are shown in different displays depending on how the information should be prioritised.

Different types of information are shown in different displays depending on how the information should be prioritised.


The head-up display shows selected information that the driver should deal with as soon as possible. Such information includes traffic warnings, speed information and navigation* information. Road sign information and incoming phone calls are also shown in the head-up display. The display is operated via the right-hand steering wheel keypad and via the centre display.

Driver display

The driver display shows information on speed and e.g. incoming calls or song tracks being played. The display is operated via the two steering wheel keypads.

Centre display

Many of the main functions of the car are controlled from the centre display, a touch screen which reacts to touch. The number of physical buttons and controls in the car is therefore minimal. The screen can even be operated while wearing gloves.

The climate control system, the entertainment system and seat position are controlled from here, for example. The information that is shown in the centre display can be acted on by the driver or someone else in the car when the opportunity arises.

Voice recognition system

The voice recognition system can be used without the driver needing to take his/her hands off the steering wheel. The system can understand natural speech. Use voice recognition to play back a song, call someone, increase the temperature or read out a text message.

For more information about all functions/systems, see the relevant section in the owner's manual or its supplement.

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