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XC90 Twin Engine

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Driver display

The driver display shows information about the car and driving.


The car is equipped with 7 seats. The front seats can be adjusted manually and electronically*. The second and third seat rows are primarily adjusted manually.

Passenger compartment interior

Overview of the passenger compartment's interior and storage locations.

Driving support systems

The car is equipped with different driver support systems which can assist the driver in different situations, either actively or passively.


The vehicle is equipped with several safety systems that work together to protect the vehicle's driver and passengers in the event of an accident.

Start and driving

The car is equipped with functions that supplement the car's basic functionality, e.g. the possibility of changing gears with steering wheel paddles*.

Audio and media

The audio and media system consists of media player, radio and Bluetooth phone connection. With an online car it is also possible to listen to services via apps. Functions can be controlled by voice command or via the steering wheel keypad and the centre display.

Climate control

The car is equipped with electronic climate control. The climate control system cools or heats as well as dehumidifies the air in the passenger compartment.

General information about XC90 Twin Engine

XC90 Twin Engine runs like a regular car, but certain functions differ from a car that only runs on petrol or diesel. The electric motor drives the car mostly at low speeds, the petrol engine at higher speeds, as well as during more active driving.


The alarm alerts e.g. in the event of a break-in in the car.

Windows, glass and mirrors

The car contains controls for windows, glass and mirrors. Some of the windows in the car are reinforced with lamination, which makes the passenger compartment more soundproof, amongst other things.


Online car

An online car provides the ability to use e.g. Internet radio and music services via apps as well as contact dealers in the car and download software.

Locks and remote control keys

The car can be locked/unlocked in a number of different ways. There are two types of keys to the car.


Amongst other things, the function of the tyres is to carry load, provide grip on the road surface, dampen vibration and protect the wheel from wear.

Cargo area

The car has a flexible cargo area that makes it possible to transport and secure large objects.


Headlamp control

Use the light controls in the left-hand stalk switch to activate external lighting. Use the headlamp control in the instrument panel to adjust headlamp levelling* and the brightness of the interior lighting.