Displays and operating controls for map navigation

Updated 7/23/2018

Volvo Sensus Navigation is presented and operated in several different ways, e.g. via the driver display, Head-up display and voice commands.

The centre display screen

The centre display screen is used to define settings and to select and search for destinations.

If the map image is not shown on the centre display:

  • Press the home view's uppermost menu row Navigation.

The driver display

The map is only shown in the 12

The map is only shown in the 12" driver display.

During driving the driver is guided by voice guidance and instructions on the driver display.

The right-hand steering wheel keypad and the driver display

The right-hand steering wheel buttons can be used to manage some of the map navigation functions, e.g. Take me home.


Opening/closing the menu

Press open/close (1)

The menu with alternatives is opened/closed - the menu closes automatically after a period of inactivity or for certain selections.

Navigating and selecting in the menu

Browse among the menus with Right/Left (2).

Browse among the options with Up/Down (3).

Confirm or highlight an option with (4).

The function is activated and for some selections the menu is closed.

HUD – Head-up-display *

Map navigation on the windscreen.

Map navigation on the windscreen.

The driver can also receive guidance and information from the navigation system display at the bottom of the windscreen.

The position of the information field can be adjusted. The HUD is comprehensively described in the "Head-up-display" section.

Voice recognition

Many functions can also be performed with voice commands.

Press the steering wheel button, wait for the signal, then say, for example, “Drive Home”.

Voice recognition is comprehensively described in the sections "Voice recognition", "Using voice recognition", "Voice recognition and map navigation" and "Settings for voice recognition".

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