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Specify destination with free text searching

Updated 7/23/2018

A destination can be specified in different ways - free text searching is one of them.

Free text searching

Most things can be searched for with free text. E.g. phone number, post code, streets, towns, coordinates and POIs.

The on-screen “keyboard” can be used to type most characters and to search for destinations.

To display the keyboard:

1. Tap on Set dest.(Set dest.), at the bottom of the screen - the map image changes to search via address.

2. Then tap on this symbol, at the top of the screen - free text searching with its keyboard, search field and filter are opened.

  1. Enter the search words - suggestions for possible destination options are listed in order of distance from the map's car symbol.
  2. Select/mark a suitable suggestion in the list - the Info card

    See information under the heading "Information card on the map".

    for the suggestion is shown.
  3. Follow the instructions in the centre display and activate guidance to the destination.


The keyboard function buttons.

The keyboard function buttons.

Filter - Limits/filters hit lists.
Hide the keyboard to show a larger/longer hit list - press in the text field to show the keyboard again
Switches between CAPITAL (uppercase) and small (lowercase) letters
Switches between characters and digits/special characters
Blank (space)
Erase the text to the left of the marker
Writing pad — “Write” the desired character with your finger on the on-screen “writing pad”.

The keyboard and further functions are described in detail in the "Using the keyboard in the centre display" section.


Several filters help to shorten the lists of hits.

Filter for hit lists.

Filter for hit lists.

The availability of filters can vary from case to case - the following filters are available:

  • Along route (Along route) - Only hits along the route will appear in the hit list.
  • Streets (Streets) - Only streets/roads will appear in the hit list.
  • Cities (Only cities) - Only cities/towns will appear in the hit list.

Filter for POIs

Available POI categories in the current area are listed furthest down on the screen.

POI filtered out from the marked category (2)
POI categories (there may even be subcategories in a POI category).

Only POIs from a marked POI category are listed and only the "Along route" (Along route) filter can be combined with POIs.


A destination can also be specified with map coordinates.

  • Type, for example, “N 58.1234 E 12.5678” and tap Search (Search).
The points of the compass N, E, S and W can be entered in different ways, e.g. in accordance with the following:

N 58,1234   E 12,5678 (with spaces)

N58,1234   E12,5678 (without spaces)

58,1234N   12,5678E (with the point of the compass after the coordinate)

58,1234-12,5678 (with hyphen without point of the compass)

You can use a comma [,] instead of a full stop [.] if you prefer.

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