Managing text messages

Updated 7/23/2018

Message handling in the car for a Bluetooth-connected phone.

On certain phones the message function must be activated. Not all mobiles are fully compatible and capable of displaying contacts and messages in the car. For compatibility, see

Reading a text message in the centre display

In app view, tap on Messages to open it.

Press Read out to have the message read out, or press on the message you would like read.

Reading a new text message in the driver display

A text message is only shown in the driver display if the option is selected, see section "Settings for text messages".

Press the down arrow on the steering wheel keypad in order to read the message.

To have the message read out - select Read out using the steering wheel keypad.

Send text message

In app view, tap on Messages to open it.

  • Reply to message — tap on the contact whose message you wish to reply to, then tap on Answer.
  • Create a new message — tap on Create new+. Select a contact or enter a number.

Type the message.

Press Send.

Message notification

For notification settings, see section "Settings for text messages".

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