The complete range of child seats

The new generation

Take a closer look at the child seats that make up our most comfortable and luxurious collection yet.

A better journey for everyone

Our child seats are designed to make travelling in cars safer and more enjoyable for your children. And to make life simpler for you.

Child seat, infant seat

Our rear- facing infant seat is designed to provide children aged 0–1 year, or who weigh approx. 0–13 kg, with the protection they need. In this short film, we show how convenient our infant seat is to use so your family can concentrate on simply enjoying the journey.

Child seat, rearward facing

Our rear-facing child seat provides children aged 9 months–6 years, or who weigh approx. 9–25 kg, with a reassuringly safe place to sit and watch the world go by. In this short film, we show how simple and convenient our rear-facing child seat is to use.

Child seat, Booster seat

In this short film, we show how convenient our child booster seat is to use and how comfortable it is for children old enough to enjoy forward facing travel. Our booster seat is designed for children aged 4–10 years or who weigh approx. 15–36 kg. Volvo recommends children travel facing the rear until they are at least 4 years of age.