Combustion engines

Efficient power without compromise

Award-winning engines with advanced boosting

Advanced Boosting

Our three- and four-cylinder combustion engines are based on the concept of efficient power without compromise. Our modular approach to powertrain engineering means that our base engine architecture can deliver distinctive powertrain attributes and also be combined with driveline electrification on our new cars. Our award-winning engines come with advanced boosting technology that delivers responsive power when desired through the innovative use of both turbo- and supercharging or through the instant electric torque of our advanced Plug-in Hybrid Twin Engine powertrains and our Mild Hybrid technology.

Supercharger and Turbos

Volvo Cars has taken advanced boosting to a new level using a modular-based charging system that offers Volvo owners a range of power levels and engine performance attributes. Advanced boosting means that our compact three- and four-cylinder engines can deliver power levels equivalent to those of larger six- and eight-cylinder units with high torque availability across a wider speed range. We use state-of-the-art charging systems consisting of turbochargers and superchargers designed to our precise specifications to deliver improved fuel economy, leading performance and drivability. Superchargers deliver low-end torque and response. Turbos deliver horsepower. Below 3500 rpm the supercharger and turbo are active. Above 3500 rpm, only the turbo is applied. We use a large turbo combining low back pressure and high boost pressure capacity at high revolutions for maximum power output. When combined, the supercharger and turbo charger deliver a smooth, consistent and compelling boost to our Drive-E powertrains.

Plug-in hybrid

Volvo’s Twin Engine technology is essentially a combination of an internal combustion engine and electric power. Electric energy from the grid can be stored in a High Voltage Battery. The technology is more commonly known as Plug-in Hybrid Technology (PHEV).

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