Electric cars - the future of mobility

Pure electric cars, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid technology will change the way you move.

A time for change

In 2017 we made a commitment to electrify every car in our range in preparation for an era beyond the internal combustion engine. That era begins now. Be a part of this change. We’ve been working with electric propulsion since the 1970s and we have learned a lot along the way, from deploying a test fleet of C30 Battery Electric Vehicles in 2010, to the launch one of the world’s first plug-in hybrid diesel cars in 2012.


We are applying the latest battery and propulsion technology across our range to make the switch to electric cars easier and more enjoyable.

Mild Hybrid

Mild Hybrids deliver a seamless and more efficient driving experience.

Plug-in Hybrid

Our Twin Engine powertrains deliver effortless performance and zero-emissions capability.

Pure Electric(Coming soon to NZ)

The future is silent, zero-emission driving.

Technology that empowers people

We pride ourselves on designing cars that make life easier and more enjoyable. A key to this is understanding how to make technology work for you. This is the basic principle we apply to everything we do.

Battery technology

Battery technology is advancing rapidly. It means that electric cars are now a viable and smart alternative to the internal combustion engine. We use Lithium-ion battery technology to power our Twin Engine cars. These batteries are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Pure mode

When you drive your Twin Engine or Pure Electric Volvo in Pure mode you will immediately notice something different: it is remarkably quieter than a car powered by a combustion engine. You’ll also notice increased take-off performance thanks to the instantaneous delivery of pure power to the wheels.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why has Volvo Cars decided to move to electric powertrains?

    We have been innovating in the field of electric powertrains since the 1970s. For us this is a natural progression in terms of technology and a clear statement of our commitment towards sustainable mobility and the reduction of emissions.

  • What are the main benefits of an electrified powertrain over a conventional combustion engine?

    Electrified powertrains offer a range of benefits – from reducing emissions and fuel costs to delivering a more responsive acceleration feel on take-off.

  • Aren’t electrified powertrains more expensive than regular petrol or diesel engines?

    It depends. We will soon be offering a range of electrified powertrains that include mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars. Electrified powertrains require less maintenance and have lower fuel consumption, and the cost of batteries is now reaching a point where it makes more sense to choose an electrified car.

  • What is a plug-in hybrid car?

    A plug-in hybrid cars, also known as a PHEV is a car that uses both a conventional combustion engine and a battery-powered electric motor to provide power to the wheels.

  • What kind of battery is used in Volvo’s Twin Engine plug-in hybrids?

    Volvo Cars is currently using Lithium-ion battery packs in its Twin Engine cars. The battery is designed to last the lifetime of the car.

  • What is the pure electric range of a plug-in hybrid?

    Our Twin Engine plug-in hybrids are designed to meet the average daily commuting need. Range will of course vary depending upon model, driving style, topography and road conditions. The main benefit of a plug-in hybrid is that you always have the petrol engine as back-up between charges, so range is never an issue.

  • How and where do I recharge my car?

    Most people charge their cars at home overnight, with a charging wall box in their carport or garage. Others have the possibility to charge their car at work or at public charging stations, which are becoming increasingly easy to find.

  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

    Charging time depends greatly upon the source of power and the amperage it delivers. You will find specific charging times in the technical specifications for each available electrified model.

  • Which Volvo models are available as a Twin Engine plug-in hybrid?

    Our 90- and 60-Series cars are available with Twin Engine technology. These cars will be joined by the XC40 in the very near future.