Our brand partners

At Volvo, not only do we have an incredible range of stylish vehicles, we have some of the most ambitious climate targets of any car manufacturer in the world. So it’s little wonder we choose to partner with local brands who share our core values.


Like us, Barkers believe humans aren’t made to sit still. The menswear brand’s restless nature comes from a desire to keep moving forward, to constantly progress and evolve. It drives them to find innovative ways of doing business as they endeavour to change their industry for the better. Barkers are committed to minimising their environmental impact through continuous improvement in their supply chain and business operations. And you can be sure they’ll look good while they do it.

Click here to find out how Volvo and Barkers are equally committed to looking after people and the planet.

Kathryn Wilson

Kathryn Wilson has established herself as one of New Zealand’s premier footwear designers. Kathryn is committed to upholding fair working conditions for suppliers and ensuring her supply chain adheres to moral and ethical standards. One of her most exciting projects for 2021 is the launch of a climate friendly collection, called KIND by Kathryn Wilson, which features shoes made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled leather uppers. Each pair sold from this collection will donate $10 towards Carbon Click NZ to regenerate a Native Forest in Kaikoura, off-setting the carbon emissions of the shoes. We can’t wait to give them a try.  

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Cure is the only not-for-profit charitable trust in New Zealand, and they are established solely to support research into finding a “cure” for breast cancer, by funding vital research. 1 in 9 New Zealand women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 2 will lose their battle everyday. Research continues to be pivotal in developing our understanding of preventing, managing and curing cancer, it is at the heart of progress made to date and it is essential we continue to drive improvements. It is only through research that we will find the cure so that the next generation of New Zealanders can look forward to a future free from the fear of breast cancer and, Volvo New Zealand could not be prouder to partner with such a cause.