The Volvo S60

Drive – and relax

A confident drive with dynamic styling and long-distance comfort.

Supreme Driveability

The Sedan for Drivers

The dynamic contours and driver-focused cabin of the Volvo S60 are designed for driving enjoyment. On the road, a finely tuned chassis handles every corner with supreme assurance. Intuitive technology ensures that you are always in control, and the long-distance comfort of our seats keeps you relaxed, mile after mile.

Driver Support

Park Assist Pilot

Our convenient Park Assist Pilot makes parking enjoyable. It measures the parking space and parks your car by taking over the steering. It handles parallel parking and can also assist when leaving a tight parking space.

Tech & Sound

Harman Kardon

With an incredibly realistic stage sound as well as enhanced bass performance, this sound system provides an unparalleled experience for every passenger.

Drive-E Engines


Our sophisticated 190hp/400Nm D4 Drive-E powertrain allows you enjoy more while using less. Utilising state-of-the-art diesel engine technology, the D4 is designed to give you the most efficient and confident driving experience. Low engine weight contributes to agile handling on winding roads, while Start/Stop technology and our Eco function optimise the powertrain and the climate system to further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Choose Your Expression


A sporty edge

Cross Country

Rugged and refined


Performance for real life

Begin your journey

Configure your own S60, or speak with a Volvo dealer to answer any questions you may have.