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I. Company

We, the Scandinavian Motors Corporation (SMC), the exclusive importer and distributor of Volvo automobiles and parts in the Philippines, conscientiously understand the importance of data security and data privacy of all your personal information. We acknowledge that protecting the data (information) we collected is vital to building trust and accountability with clients who expect privacy.

We strictly observe Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations in collecting, processing, and using sensitive personal information. We adhere to the principles of data privacy, ensure lawful processing, respect the rights of data subjects, and implement security measures.

II. Collection of Personal Information

SMC collects information you provide directly to it, such as when you request a Test Drive, Brochure, Vehicle Information, Sales and After-Sales Services, or complete a form on our website.

Please note that by clicking “I agree”, you voluntarily agreed that we can collect, process, use, and maintain any Personal Information about and/or relating to you.

III. Processing of Personal Information

We process your personal information to make it possible to visit the website and guarantee the long-term functionality and security of our systems. The data are often shared by SMC to its subsidiaries, business partners, dealers, and service providers to provide you the best possible products, services, and offers based on your requirements and preferences. They will also allow our agent to assist you in complying with the requirements of your account or for you to participate in the event.

IV. Use of Personal Information

We will use your Personal Information only for the purposes officially announced in advance or informed at the time of collection and to the extent necessary to carry out business. Except when required by existing laws and regulations, we will not provide Personal Information to any third-party, other than our subsidiaries, including our business partners, dealers, and service providers.

Consistently, your personal data shall not be used for any purposes that are contrary to law, morals, and public policy.

V. Maintaining/Storage and Protection

We are committed to maintain your Personal Information accurate and up-to-date and delete any Personal Information that is no longer needed without delay.

We will not allow any Personal Information to be leaked by taking it off premises or transmitting it externally.

We will implement reasonable and appropriate organizational, physical and technical security measure for the protection of your personal data.

We will institute safeguards that are sufficient to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal data by requiring the execution of non-disclosure agreement by our employees, consultants, vendors, suppliers and contractors, among others.