Track your progress in the app

You will soon be able to track the electricity used and how much your car has been driven in electrified mode via the Volvo on Call app. Also, you will receive your cashback reward in the app.

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What do you want to know about the free electricity offer?

  • What is included in the free electricity offer?

    All new Volvo plug-in hybrid cars ordered from October 16, 2019 and 6 months ahead will get free electricity for one year. This means that you will be reimbursed for the electricity used to charge your car during a 12-month period. You will also be able to track the electricity used and how much the car has been driven in the electrified mode through the Volvo on Call app. The refund will be paid 12 months after the measuring period has started in May 2020.

  • For how long is this campaign offer valid?

    The campaign offer is valid for all new plug-in hybrid cars from Volvo ordered from October 16, 2019 and 6 months ahead.

  • Are there any limitations of the offer?

    Yes. The offer is only applicable if you use the Volvo on Call app and if you keep the car for at least 12 months. If you choose to sell or change the vehicle after more than 12 months ownership but before the closing of the 12-month reimbursement period, you will only be reimbursed for the kWh used during the actual reimbursement period. The reimbursement will be monetary only and potential tax benefit implications will be the responsibility of the individual user.

  • How will the reimbursement be calculated?

    The refund amount will be based on current “consumer price of electricity” per country (amount refunded per customer = consumer price/kWh in country x kWh used by customer). For information about the specific conditions on your market, connect with your local dealer.

  • Is the offer applicable for all types of businesses?

    No. The offer is not applicable for rental cars or Volvo Car Company schemes. There may be additional exceptions on your local market, so please connect with your local dealer.

  • In case of a fleet car, why will Volvo Cars reimburse the main driver rather than the fleet company?

    The aim of the campaign is to influence driver behaviour. Reimbursements will be made through the use of Volvo on Call app linked to the main driver of the vehicle.

*The offer is only available on Volvo on Call markets. Contact your dealer for local terms and conditions since they may vary.