niepowtarzalnie szwedzki

zimowa opowieść

XC70 to idealne odbicie surowych szwedzkich krajobrazów, ostrych zim i melancholijnego ducha.

“Vemod” is a word that doesn’t translate into most languages. It’s used to express a beautiful, melancholy longing that often produces great creative triumphs—a feeling only experienced during our classically long, deep, dark Swedish winters.

This is Sweden

  • Vast expansions of water, like the Gastrikland lakes, inspire a level of fluidity and calmness in our designs.
  • The dark, snow-covered winters reinforce our need to persist in safety advancements.
  • The tranquil valleys of Dalarna truly reflect what we love about Sweden—beauty, harmony, and natural living.


Defined by Swedish roots

In Sweden, we’re all about balance, and this is our classic Swedish SUV. With our fuel-efficient D4 diesel engine that’s easier on the environment, without sacrificing power. With ergonomic interior design and pure comfort, perfectly complemented by the rugged exterior that’s built for our rough Swedish terrain. 


Meet these Swedish characters


Our most rugged estate.


Our classic SUV.